What kind of diapers do you use?
We use cotton prefold diapers.  Here is a very handy YouTube video on five different ways to put on a prefold diaper: 
Don't worry though because Shannon will teach you how to do it.

Do you issue gift certificates?
Yes, but please talk about this with the gift recipient and make sure they are on board with such a gift.  We want to make sure they have an interest in cloth diapering and will allow us to come to their home for a consultation prior to baby's arrival.  We have had a few well meaning friends and family members want to gift our service to expecting parents who weren't toally keen on the idea of cloth diapering, so we like to save everyone's time, effort, and feelings in this area.

Is there a discount for multiples or daycare centers?
Yes.  When you fill up more than one bag of diapers for us to launder, we offer a discount on each bag after the first one.  Please contact us for more details on discounts.

What kind of laundry soap is used?
We make our own soap.  It is very gentle on skin, safe for even sensitive skin, environmentally friendly, and effective in getting everything clean and sanitary.  We are proud to say that we have never had build-up occur with our diapers.

Are there start-up fees or cancellation fees?
No.  We do not charge either.  When we come out to start your first week, you will pay for the first week at that time.  You may pay week to week, month to month, or however works best for your family's budgeting.  We accept cash, check or PayPal.

Are there any discounts or customer perks?
Yes.  When you refer a friend and they start service with us, we will thank you by giving you $10 off a week of service. We also give you a free week when your child turns 1, 2 or 3 to show our appreciation for your many months of service with us.  

Do you use bleach?
No.  Bleach is not safe for a baby's sensitive skin, it is not safe for the environment, and it breaks down the fibers of the diapers.

Are customers' diapers combined in the laundering?
No.  We will wash your diapers and wipes in a separate load from other customers.  You will receive the same diapers and wipes back each week that you used the week before. 

Is there a contract that has to be signed?
The only thing we ask you to sign is our replacement policy.  The replacement policy states that you will pay the replacement value of any item not returned to us at the end of your service.  Otherwise, you are not signing anything like a time commitment.  If you decide our service doesn't work for you, you are free to quit at any time without any sort of penalty.

Do you offer diaper stripping services?
No.  Sorry, but our machines are already running around the clock for our normal service customers, so we don't have the time to do diaper stripping on top of that.

What is the process to get started?
First, schedule a consultation with Shannon.  Once you have decided you want to use us, you will be put on our due date calendar.  After you bring your baby home, call us to come out.  Shannon will help you put the first diaper on your baby and make sure you are comfortable with everything before letting you do things on your own.

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